Assuring successful growth

We have been in business since 2015, consolidating over the last few years a close relationship with debt providers, from financial institutions to independent asset managing consultants and funds.


Our team of professionals is specialized in financial investments, as well as in judicial procedures of this type, backed by years of experience in the sector and demonstrable results.

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Over €10 million

Experiencia en Acinas Capital


At least 15% per transaction

Experiencia Acinas


Completed since 2015

Experiencia Acinas

What is our program based on?

ACINAS CAPITAL also has an exclusive team devoted to the upgrading, improvement and commercialization of the properties awarded, generating added value.


We hold a track record of more than 30 completed transactions, with yields ranging from 15% to more than 50% in some cases.


The key to our growth is to gain the confidence of investors.


Our priority is to convey maximum transparency in all operations, from approach to completion, by means of external mechanisms, such as audits for each investment we make.


We always co-invest with our clients using our own capital, demonstrating our full conviction in what we do.


And most importantly, results. Guaranteed profitability.


Our fees only become effective at the end of each transaction, based on a minimum profitability previously defined with the client.


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